I want a relationship yet I have horrible trust issues and run away from commitment.


I want to walk around in nothing but one of your tshirts and have that be totally okay


boys who grab ur face with both hands when they kiss u win at pretty much everything

    Teacher:"Can you please tell the class why you're so late?"
    Me:Someone told me to go to hell
    Me:Couldn't find it at first
    Me:But now I'm here


why do people make viruses like why do you have to be an asshole

"I’ve thought about killing myself more than i’ve thought about graduating high school ,"
- (via italyfnf)
"You didn’t give me the pills, no, nor did you force me to swallow the whole bottle. You weren’t part of any of that. You gave me a reason to do it."
- (248/365) by (DS)